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What You Do...

Wine is sunlight, held together by water!


~ Galileo


We making the art of wine making easy for you!


It takes just a few minutes on your first visit to select your wine based on your likes and tastes... sprinkle yeast on your grape concentrate.


Approximately 4 to 8 weeks later it takes twenty minutes to bottle your finished wine!


It's that simple!


You can even browse through our menu list before your visit! Click HERE to view our wide range of red, white, and fruit wines.


What We'll Do...


The 'Art'' of Winemaking...


The wine making process itself is fairly simple…  Yeast (which causes fermentation) is a single cell organism that converts the sugar in the fruit/grape concentrate into alcohol and CO2 (carbon dioxide). The CO2 escapes into the air and viola... what is left is… wine!


It’s our job during the 4 to 8 week process to create the perfect conditions for the yeast to do its job and to ensure that your finished product is racked, stabilized, cleared, and polished for you.



Simply moving the wine into a fresh, clean sanitized carboy (container). The wine is also topped-up if necessary. This process leaves behind the sediment and fining agent to be discarded.


Stabilizing and Clearing:

A number of various fining agents are used to balance your wine and keeping it tasting and looking perfect for you. Finings, usually bentonite, gelatin or isinglas, are all natural agents that are added to the wine to accelerate the settling and/or clearing process. As well, we use minimal sulphites. Sulphite is a natural bacteria inhibitor. A small amount of sulphite in your wine will not only discourage bacteria that could ruin it, but it also helps prevent oxidation.



We use a 6-pad filter system to ensure that your fine is clear of any residual sediment from the wine making process.



Customizing Your Wine...


Your wine kit may include any of the following: oak chip infusion bag, oak powder, sweetening blend, finishing blend, dehydrated fruit or Süss Reserve.


Or we can always customize your wine for you by adding sweetener or adding/removing oak based on your preferences…




On-Premise Wine Making in Cambridge Ontario serving Ayr, North Dumfries, Kitchener, Waterloo, and Surrounding Areas. We offer Wedding and Corporate Wine Making Packages and Custom Labels


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