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Corporate Wine Making Packages

On-Premise Wine Making in Cambridge Ontario serving Ayr, North Dumfries, Kitchener, Waterloo, and Surrounding Areas. We offer Wedding and Corporate Wine Making Packages and Custom Labels


Corporate Wine Gifts

Present a bottle of your wine to a customer or client when you close a deal or as a show of appreciation for their business. Have your company logo and personal message printed on the labels, what a great ‘thank-you’ and marketing idea!


Real Estate Agents

What better way to say ‘thank you’ to your clients than with a wine made by you, personalized with your message. Think about all those referrals of family and friends as they toast their new home with your wine!


Holiday Gatherings

Enjoy your wine with your family and friends during holiday or seasonal gatherings. Wine making is fun and makes a great holiday gift!


Social Events

Serve your wine straight from our shop to your dinner guests, parties, reunions, birthdays, baptisms, communions, confirmations, weddings; there are unlimited events where your wine can be enjoyed!


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All Packages Include:

1 Order of Wine (30 x 750ml bottles)

30 Clear and/or Green Bottles (750 ml)

30 Premium Foil Shrinks

30 Custom Labels (can include your company name, logo, and message)

All Applicable Taxes


Premium 4 Week Wine Package

Grand Cru Wines

Grand Cru brings together the advantages of varietal grape juice with the convenience and value of a 10-litre, 4 week wine kit. From the first swirl to the final sip, you will truly appreciate the enhanced bouquet and aromas that Grand Cru wine kits offer. Whether you seek full-bodied and hearty or light and refreshing wines, you’ll surely discover a style to suit your individual taste.

Package Price (30 x 750ml): $159.00

Per Bottle Cost: $5.30

Package Price (60 x 375ml): $179.00

Per Bottle Cost: $2.98


Premium 5 Week Wine Package

Grand Cru International Wines

The international collection of Grand Cru highlights the winemaking techniques and unique features of wines from selected countries around the world. Drawn from recognized winemaking regions, you will find exquisite easy-to-drink wines that are expressively bold in their youth yet graceful with a few months aging. Many of the world famous reds in the international collection feature our patented GenuWine Winery Dried Grape Skins. This award winning process gently dries varietal grape skins preserving the “fresh from the vineyard” flavour ensuring a consistent quality wine you will be proud to call your own.

Package Price (30 x 750ml): $169.00

Per Bottle Cost :$5.63

Package Price (60 x 375ml): $189.00

Per Bottle Cost: $3.15


Premium 6 Week Wine Package

Cellar Classic Wines

Cellar Classic wines are truly complex, boasting genuine varietal character because we select only the finest 100% varietal grape juice and grape concentrates from among the world’s premier vineyards.

Package Price (30 x 750ml): $179.00

Per Bottle Cost :$5.97

Package Price (60 x 375ml): $199.00

Per Bottle Cost: $3.32


Super Premium 6 Week Wine Package

Cru Select Wines

Our 16-litre Cru Select wine kits make 23 litres and are made to exacting standards – with pure varietal grape juice in addition to grape concentrates (no sugar is added or required)!  The result is superb wine you will be delighted to share with friends and family.

Package Price (30 x 750ml): $199.00

Per Bottle Cost :$6.30

Package Price (60 x 375ml): $219.00

Per Bottle Cost: $3.48


Super Premium 6 Week Wine Package with Winery Grape Skins

Cellar Classic Winery Series Wines (red wines only)

These red wines are produced by fermenting grape juice on varietal specific crushed grape skins, seeds and stems. This allows the winemaker to extract deep colour, chewy tannins, tantalizing flavours and complex aromas to produce richly structured wines. With 18 litres of super premium varietal grape juice, concentrate and varietal specific grape skins, Cellar Classic Winery series raises the bar of quality to an all new level!

Package Price (30 x 750ml): $219.00

Per Bottle Cost :$6.63

Package Price (60 x 375ml): $239.00

Per Bottle Cost: $3.82


Ultra Premium 8 Week Wine Kit with Winery Grape Skins

En Primeur Wines

Borne of unprecedented research and development and most importantly, a passionate love of wine, En Primeur wines offer an exquisite array of old and new world wines from which to build your cellar. Careful selection of GenuWine Winery Dried grape skins and varietal juices from around the world ensure En Primeur products adhere to our strict standards and deliver consistent, quality wines you will be proud to call your own and share with family and friends.

Package Price (30 x 750ml): $239.00

Per Bottle Cost :$7.63

Package Price (60 x 375ml): $259.00

Per Bottle Cost: $4.15


Premium 6 Week Cru Select Specialty Port or Ice Wine Package

Cru Select Specialty Wines

Enjoy all to offer with these Cru Slect Specialty wine kits. Each kit is NO WATER, NO SUGAR added of incredible dessert wines. From the award winning Vidal Ice Wine (more medals than any other ice wine kit on the market) to the Cru Select seasonal releases of Orange Chocolate Port, or White Chocolate White Port (both receiving “Best of Show” medals on release), to Cream Sherry and Mulled Wine; these kits are truly decadent, rich and exotic!

Package Price (30 x 375ml): $169.00

Per Bottle Cost :$5.30


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